The unscientific mask mandates at Sterling Montessori are finally being removed starting on March 7, 2022. However, there is still a stipulation in the school’s new guidance that says all students must mask up for an additional 10 days if a positive case of COVID is detected.

What the school appears to not be taking into consideration is that masks don’t stop the spread of COVID. Masks have never stopped the spread of COVID because the virus is so small that it goes right through the masks. Thus, we will continue to push back on the unscientific masking policies until they are fully abolished.

Why Mask Mandates Didn’t Stop The Spread of COVID

As of March 1st, 2022, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is still basing their masking guidance on scientifically inaccurate data.

In their most recent StrongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit document, they recommend “Individuals should wear a well-fitting mask for 10 days after last known exposure”, but they fail to mention that masks don’t stop the spread of COVID as the virus is so small, that it goes right through the masks.

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Furthermore, this recommendation does not take into consideration the fact that COVID is far less deadly for children than the flu. As can be seen in the sources below, more children die of the flu every year than of COVID, yet we haven’t been forcing masks on to them every flu season.

Below is the video we sent to the administrators at Sterling Montessori to help them understand that the masks have never stopped the spread of COVID and thus should have been abolished last year, like Texas and Florida did. Below the video are the sources cited in the video.

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Email Sent To Sterling Montessori Administration

Many of you have asked for me to share the email that was sent on your behalf to the school administration. Here it is:


Thank you Josie. We did receive the email update about the mask mandate being lifted starting next Monday, but many of our student’s parents are surprised that we are still not following the science.
We’ve known for over two years now that masks don’t stop the spread of COVID due to the fact that the virus is so small, that it goes right through and around the masks. As you will see in the video I created for you and the Sterling Montessori Administration below, this has been well documented and discussed ad nauseum over the last 2 years.
Our student’s parents are glad that the mask mandates have FINALLY been lifted, but hearing that the masks, that don’t stop the spread of COVID, can be brought back for 10 more days, if a positive case arises, is a bridge too far for them.
Our student’s parents have asked me to put the following video together showing the administration at Sterling Montessori the following:
  1. Masks don’t stop the spread of COVID. The virus is so small that it goes right through and around the masks.
  2. More children die from the flu every year than they do from COVID. If we’ve never masked all the kids for the yearly flu, why are we forcing them to wear masks for the less deadly COVID?
  1. The masks have been proven to be more harmful to our children’s health than helpful.
  2. Mask mandates were lifted in Texas over a year ago and COVID rates went down when they did. Same for Florida.
  3. Our parents (and students) see our elected officials and celebrities not wearing masks, because they know they don’t stop the spread of COVID, and are wondering why masks are still being forced on our children.
  4. COVID tests are incredibly unreliable. They have been proven to give off false positives at least 50% of the time. Furthermore, 90% of the time, a positive COVID case isn’t even contagious.
  5. The COVID tests you are administering at Sterling can cause cancer in kids. This is a massive legal and financial liability to the school and all adults involved in the process. This liability is not restricted JUST to the school, but to all adults involved in the process. Many of our student’s parents are perturbed with the fact that the school is practicing medicine (administering medical tests and forcing masks on children) without a license.
Here is the video detailing all of the above, with all sources cited:
All the sources shown in this video can be found at
Furthermore, our student’s parents have asked me to meet with you in person to discuss these issues to ensure the policy of bringing the masks (that don’t stop the spread fo COVID) back for 10 days if a new case arises (that has a 50% chance of being a false positive and a 90% chance of not being contagious) is abandoned.
With this in mind, please let me know your availability for having an in person meeting next week.
Brendan Monahan
Sterling Montessori Parents Association